quarta-feira, setembro 26

Fonte Gratis & Fonte Barata (14)

FONTE GRÁTIS. Snappy Service NF™, de Nick Fonts. An Art Deco font based on letteringremembered from a BBQ joint in East Dallas. The freeware (TrueType) version has a limited character set. The Pro Set (Postscript) version has a complete character set (Adobe Standard for PC; Macintosh Standard for Mac), and extensive kerning.

FONTE BARATA. BreiteItalienne, da Intellecta, por apenas US$ 3,44. "Among his most recent work, standouts include both original designs and historic revivals. Certainly Breite Italienne, an extremely high-contrast 7-style family based on the Didot and Bodoni faces Paulo favors, is both “sensual and mystical” – the latter influence coming from the designer’s attraction to the Fraktur types (Josh Lurie-Terrell)"

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