terça-feira, setembro 25

Intellecta Design em Your Face

A nova edição de In Your Face, newsletter de MyFonts.Com, traz entre seus artigos um sobre a Intellecta, que voce pode ler aqui abaixo e conferir lá. Esta edição foi produzida por Josh Lurie-Terrell, criador da Typographica.

"The mysteriously-named Paulo and Iza W of Intellecta Design specialize in revivals of historic advertising types, specifically metal and wood display types of the Americas, from the early 19th to mid 20th century, but they also produce plenty of original designs as well. Recent releases include the distressed typewriter face Erased Typewriter 2, the abstract forms of Swirlies, Bruce Hairline, the Deco Experiment faces, Rough Fleurons, Ulma, American Advertise 011 and 012, Breite Italienne, Fofucha, Estanho, I Am A Worm, and many others. Among his most recent work, standouts include both original designs and historic revivals. Certainly Breite Italienne, an extremely high-contrast 7-style family based on the Didot and Bodoni faces Paulo favors, is both “sensual and mystical” – the latter influence coming from the designer’s attraction to the Fraktur types. The American Advertise series has two recent additions; fonts 011 and 012 are both mortised caps, straight out of an early ATF catalog, and are digitized very well. Pirates De Luxe includes many dingbats related to high-seas piracy (as opposed to that of typefaces); skull & crossbones, eyepatches and more, ye mateys! This font is certainly a must for anyone living the life of a high-seas swashbuckler, or any designer whose clients include aforementioned swashbucklers."

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