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Artistic Printing : Type Revival

Herewith our list of studios, by no means comprehensive, that offer digital typefaces either based on originals designed in the nineteenth century or inspired by the period. We have included links when available, but almost all of the following can be purchased on myfonts.com (...)

Intellecta Design
We find this among the most fascinating of contemporary type foundries. The mysterious proprietors Iza W and Paulo W share development activities in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. Intellecta “searches historical churches, museums and similar institutions to develop handwriting and other fonts from old documents.” Paulo is a self-taught designer with what appears to be excellent taste in expressive vintage typography. The Intellecta blog is a curious mix of inspiring type specimens, incunabula, Japanese manga and illustrations from bodice-ripping fiction. Our favorite (not an easy choice): Zooth Shaded, by Iza W, 2007

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