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Intellecta & Fonthaus : plus a new one partnership distribution

Introducing Intellecta
  bounce script   Soft Fleurons
Calligraphia Latina Versals Two
Intellecta. Calligraphic and formal.
  Indenture English Penman Intellecta
This font has a little of everything.
  Soft Fleurons Intellecta
Antique and ornamental.
  Surrey   Grave Ornamental
Intellecta Monogram Intellecta
Extreme Victorian detail.
  Surrey Intellecta
Vintage romantic.
From $22
  Grave Ornamental Intellecta
Parlor organic.
$19.96 (through 9/11/2010)
Intellecta Design is a Brazillian type foundry fascinated with typographical research and revivals of all forms of ancient typefaces and handwriting styles. It searches historical churches, museums and similar institutions to develop handwriting and other fonts from old documents. This kind of research is not common in Brazil. Intellecta Design claims to be the creator and owner of the largest typeface library in Latin America. In time, FontHaus expects to add all Intellecta's fonts. In the meantime, we will be featuring a range of this foundry's best sellers.

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