domingo, julho 9

experitypo5 fan

Uma das coisas que me gratificam em fazer fontes são os e-mails que recebo de fãs. Ai vai um:

"Hola, Paulo.
I really like the experitypo5 font and the little history behind. I'm trying to use the font for my website(will include a link to your site and full acknowledgment) and I was wondering if you know how to use the with Ulead's PhotoImpact or any imaging software in general . I'm new at dealing with the font scene and I'm sure I have to add it on to what I'm using. Does it work it Word? I get the impression ( can't read Portuguese) from your site you're looking for your own unique website. I could be of help and could use the practice. I do my own site and am in the process of redoing everything. There's a link in my signature to my site. I have some video files and hyperlink issues that aren't loading properly but that's the Internet. If anything I can offer my advice cause I've been there and the Internet can be evil." Wayne, San Francisco, California, WAYNE WEBSITE

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