terça-feira, fevereiro 27

a letter from my friend Luc Devroye

uma carta de meu amigo, Luc Devroye


Thanks so much. Wow---that site, Marginalia,
is fantastic! It will take me a week to check
out all the stuff. Corto Maltese, impressive.
It is one of the best blogs around---I will link to
it and advertise it tonight.

Sorry for my bad samples---bad camera and bad
scanner equal bad samples.

I think you told me last time that I should visit when
in Brazil. I was there a month agao, but they did
not give me one minute of freedom. I was taken
directly from Sao Paulo airport to Campos do Jordao
for the conference and back. I will be back in June 2008,
hopefully with more free time to visit people.

Congratulations also on the Gans project. Well done!

If I can be of any help with anything, let me know.

All the best,


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