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pequena linhagem da tradição tipográfica inglesa

Stephenson Blake and Sons Typefoundry

Segundo o site MyFonts.Com:

"Sheffield typefoundry started in July 1818 by silversmith and mechanic William Garnett and toolmaker John Stephenson, financially supported by James Blake, seemingly with little prospect for success. However in November of that year news came that the breakaway Caslon foundry (formed when William Caslon III left the original Caslon foundry in 1792) was put up for sale by William Caslon IV. In 1819 the deal was concluded and Blake, Garnett & Co. were suddenly in charge of one of England’s most prestigious typefoundries. In 1829 Garnett left to become a farmer. The company was renamed Blake & Stephenson in 1830, but Blake died soon after. It became Stephenson, Blake & Co. in 1841. John Stephenson died in 1864, the year after he handed control to his son Henry. Over the years the company has acquired: Fann Street Foundry (1906); Fry’s Type Street Letter Foundry; H.W. Caslon & Sons (1937); Miller & Richard (1952). Thus it inherited almost the entire British fine printing industry. In recent years the matrices and other typographic equipment, by then of little commercial value (but of great historical value), were passed to Monotype and now form a key part of the Type Museum in London. Members of both the Stephenson and Blake families still sit on the board of
the present company. Tom Blake, Managing Director of Stephenson Blake, tells us (August 2001) that the foundry still produces some type in zinc, and also has a stock of lead type.

A gravura mostra uma linhagem simplificada das principais typefoundries britanicas.

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