quinta-feira, agosto 30

Kristen, the puppet master

Você já deve conhecer os trabalhados da Kristen, da KristenBranch, uma artista de muito talento. Ela fez aquelas animações 3-D para a Coca Cola, durante a ultima Copa do Mundo.

Kristen’s professional book career started at the early age of ten with the book Troublesome S, which consisted of pen and colored pencil drawings of mice, a hand sewn binding, hardcover made from cardboard and covered with mice wallpaper for a real professional matte effect. With a hearty print run of one, she continued to cover the topics of her two cats Tiffany and Koko building an all too original tree fort and Koko the cat turning into Santa Claus. At Syracuse University, Kristen was a commercial design student for a day and was an illustration major the next. Classically trained in photorealism by award winning illustrators and professors, Bob Dacey and John Thompson, Kristen went on to graduate from Syracuse as the Outstanding Senior in Illustration. Not to mention a few published pieces with the Society of Illustrators LA and CMYK magazine. Now this is where it gets good. Kristen fought 218 applicants tooth and nail, to land a job with FamilyFun Magazine/ Disney publishing art directing and designing several departments and features. Assigning photo shoots was great, but hiring illustrators was the most rewarding and fun part of her job. This was the first realization that illustrator’s postcards are either filed or recycled in a split second. She recycled many, filed a handful and posted a select few in her cubby. This art directing experience also trained Kristen’s eye behind the camera day in and day out. Thus leading to how she works today, behind a camera lens and using photography as the ship to transport you from the dock of reality to the port of imagination. Now if that doesn’t make you sick, I don’t know what will. Alas, it gets better! Kristen now works in 3-D creating sets with puppets, lighting the set and photographing the set for a finished piece. She is currently working on getting her first book published as author/illustrator and is working with award-winning designer, Michael Nelson, designing Children’s Books in the Northampton, Ma area. Rebelling daily against photorealism.

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