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Fonte Gratis & Fonte Barata (10)

FONTE BARATA. DecoExperiment7, da Intellecta.

FONTE GRÁTIS. Fenwick, da Typodermic. Nas palavras deles: Fenwick is not just another name on a map. It’s so much more than that. Having just celebrated its 150th Anniversary, Fenwick has become my new hometown and the history is almost palpable here. Situated atop of the Niagara Peninsula and renowned for its fertile soil and excellent growing conditions, all manner of flora and fauna thrive here. Located smack dab in the middle between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, the region is famous for its wineries and nurseries blessed with an abundance of sun and rain in just the right proportions. Honest, hard-working, happy people whose families have often been here for generations, have nurtured their homesteads and it’s evidenced by every well-managed farm and field, garden full of colourful flowers and a surplus of healthy plants for sale by the roadside everywhere. No one lacks for flowers with so much natural abundance and generosity of local spirit. Local legend says if you push a stick in the ground, it will grow. I wouldn't doubt it. I wanted to produce a hybrid font that would honor Fenwick’s turn-of-the-century heritage without becoming too entrenched in the print styles popular around the turn of the century. Loosely inspired by Silentina and akin to some of the typefaces used frequently in newspapers and flyers, Fenwick, the font, is a lineal, metal type with unusual proportions that embrace the character of the 1900’s fonts but remain readable at every size. Its cultivated charm and mass of curve appeal makes it suitable for any environment. The enchanting, almost sensual curves of the numerals show their inherent Arabic roots. Line thickness in the italic version was amended by eye so that it wouldn't become too mechanical. The 7 styles in this family include Light, Regular, and Bold, Italic, Light Italic, Bold Italic and Olden. Light, Regular, Bold and Italic all have full alphabets, numerals, punctuation, monetary symbols, accents, decorative arrows, a printer’s fist and a leaf ornament. Olden is an all caps display font with an engraved effect. Fenwick is great for posters, banners, print work, signage, cards, scrapbooking, book covers, CDs and more. See how it grows on you?

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