terça-feira, setembro 18

Fonte Gratis & Fonte Barata (6)

FONTE BARATA. Peloponeso, da Intellecta. Aproveite o desconto, atualmente está por US$ 9,16

FONTE GRÁTIS. Adam Gorry, da Sentinel Type. Nas palavras do criador: Many variations of these two decorative display type styles have existed for over a century. Most are either similar to the Adam Gorry duo but plainer, or of the retro variety (1940’s - 1950’s roadside diner or ‘Hotel Reno’ style). The Adam Gorry duo differ with semicircular stroke ends and a dual upper case letter set, including some useful alternates and ligatures. Adam Gorry Lights mimics the giant light bulb lettering used on theatre billboards, and Adam Gorry Inline is a traditional inline type looking somewhat like neon tubing. Both fonts are designed strictly for display use, and only perform properly at large and larger sizes. The AG duo are named after a very special boy, Adam Gorry, of Dorset, England. In 1997, Adam at age 3 was diagnosed with Leukaemia. In 2002 he beat it and is now a healthy, happy growing lad. Specialist care, chemotherapy and the love of Adam’s family helped immensely. I decided to dedicate these fonts to Adam as a way of reminding us regular folks how fragile human life can be, and the ongoing need for research to beat this and other crippling disorders. If you use these fonts please make a cash donation to a Leukaemia foundation or research fund of your choice. Your donation will make a difference.

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