quarta-feira, novembro 7

grande lista de type specimens e livros sobre tipografia

a lista abaixo é proveniente de uma coleção de type-specimens e livros e revistas sobre tipografia vendida em 1999, por um colecionador norte-americano. embora possa-se obter outras listas desta natureza na Internet esta é muito variada, extensa, e traz os preços que o colecionador auferiu uma década atrás, e que podem servir de base para atualizações aos dias de hoje. pode servir como um bom guia para a procura destas obras e cruzamento de informações. fica a pergunta: quantas destas edições passarão um dia por nossas mãos?
"Books offered by
Michael Tarachow4925 South NicolletMinneapolis, MN 55409"

Abattoir Press. Barth, R.L., Looking for Peace $18
Abattoir Press. Coffin, Lyn, Human Trappings $20
Abattoir Press. Deagon, Ann, The Polo Poems $20
Abattoir Press. Emanuel, Lynn, The Technology of Love $20
Abattoir Press. Foster, S. Damon, Selected Poems of S. Damon Foster $39
Abattoir Press. McKernan, John, A Poem by John McKernan to Ralph Wardle $10
Abattoir Press. Squires, Radcliffe, Waiting in the Bone $65
Abattoir Press. Vas Dias, Robert, Ode $20
Adagio Press (for Bruccoli Clark). Dickey, James, Exchanges unsigned, out of series copy $25
Adagio Press (for Bruccoli Clark). Jones, James, Whistle unsigned, out of series copy $15
Adagio Press. Alphabetical (A-Z) broadside printed from overlapping Michelangelo caps, unsigned $25
Adagio Press. Bahr, Leonard (editor), Various Aspects of Borrowed Books $13
Adagio Press. Bahr, Leonard, Adagio $10
Adagio Press. Bahr, Leonard, Book Collector's Chronicle $10
Adagio Press. Bahr, Leonard, But the Greatest of These... $15
Adagio Press. Bahr, Leonard, Collected Ephemera unnumbered $35
Adagio Press. Bahr, Leonard, Gathering of Typographic Odds & Ends $10
Adagio Press. Bahr, Leonard, Interpretations & Insinuations $13
Adagio Press. Bahr, Leonard, Introduction to the Adagio Press $15
Adagio Press. Bahr, Leonard, Miscellanea Typographica #3 (July 1957) $15
Adagio Press. Bahr, Leonard, Printing in Privacy $20
Adagio Press. Bahr, Leonard, Typographic Embellishers $20
Adagio Press. Bahr, Leonard, Typographic Odds & Ends $10
Adagio Press. Bahr, Leonard, Typographic Pasticcio $50
Adagio Press. Cobden-Sanderson, Stella, Letter from Stella $30
Adagio Press. Cordially Yours, Will Ransom Typophile Monograph 65 $8
Adagio Press. Hand, Learned, Spirit of Liberty $7
Adagio Press. Ruskin, John, The Contemptible Horse $120
Adagio Press. Stevenson, Robert Louis, Sentences from Robert Louis Stevenson $15
Adagio Press. Strouse, Norman, & John Dreyfus, C-S The Master Craftsman $295
Adagio Press. Tanner, Wesley, & Eric Alstrom, Adagio: a checklist (offset; not by Bahr) $10
Adagio Press. Weeks, Donald, Question of Christmas $6
Adagio Press. Weeks, Donald, The Angel That Didn't Fly $6
Adam, Pegie, Color, Contrast & Dimension in News Design worn $10
AIGA. 50 Books catalogs #s 46, 48, 51, 54, 56, 58 (cloth), 62 (cloth), 64 $3 each paper, $5 each cloth
AIGA. Graphic Design USA: 10 $20
AIGA. Graphic Design USA: 14 $20
Albers, Josef, Interaction of Color paper, worn $6
Alcuin Society. Amphora June 1989 $4
Aliquando Press. Aliquando Press Cookbook $18
Aliquando Press. Cobden-Sanderson, T.J., Art of Bookbinding $35
Aliquando Press. Kelly, Michael, Reminiscences of Mozart $50
Aliquando Press. Neruda, Pablo, Ode to Typography unnumbered $15
Aliquando Press. Rueter, Will, editor, Garland of Love $50
Aliquando Press. Rueter, Will, editor, Music Divine $50Aliquando Press. Rueter, Will, Order Touched with Delight $20
Allen, Charles, American Bookplates $45
American Printing History Association. A Type Miscellany $150
American Printing History Association. APHA Journal #s 1-32 & #34 $290
American Printing History Association. APHA Newsletters #s 33-74, 76-116, 118-125 $55
American Type Founders (ATF). Book of American Types, Standard Faces (red cloth, 1934) $80
American Type Founders (ATF). The Book of American Types looseleaf binder, 1961 $13
American Typecasting Fellowship. ATF Newsletter #s3-8, 10 & ?? sequencing confused; 20 total $115
Ampersand Club. Aris, Rutherford, The & in Script and Print $5
Ampersand Club. Brown, John Mason, Beyond the Present (1948) $9
Ampersand Club. Eckman, James & T.M. Cleland, In Fair Dehiscence, letters 1961-63 $13
Ampersand Club. Rota, Anthony, Life in a London Book Shop cloth $15
Ampersand Club. Waybill for a Way Goose forPaul Bennett 1967 reprint $5
Amsterdam Type Foundry. Amsterdam Foundry (cloth, missing pp97-100) $10
Amsterdam Type Foundry. Handy Catalog of Printing Types 79pp, $8
Annenberg, Maurice, editor, A Typographic Journey Through the Inland Printer 1883-1900 $50
Annenberg, Maurice, Type Foundries of America & Their Catalogs 1st ed , no dj, 1/4" spine tear, $200
Arif Press (for Granary Books). McGrath, Tom, Mediterranean $40
Arif Press. Cobden-Sanderson, T.J., The Ideal Book $90
Arif Press. Johnson, Edward & Cobden-Sanderson, T. J., Letters of Gold $13
Arif Press. Kyger, Joanne, Trip Out & Fall Back $10
Arif Press. McClure, Michael & Wesley Tanner, Book of Benjamin $105
Arif Press. Spicer, Jack, 'First catch the rabbit...' $10
Arif Press. Voltaire, translator, Memnon... $15
Arion Press. Koch, Rudolf, Typefoundry in Silhouette $130
Auerhahn Society. Davis, William, Janus $13
Barbarian Press. Bringhurst, Robert, The Blue Roofs of Japan (w/prospectus) $50
Barnhart Brothers & Spindler (BB&S) 25-A specimen book 532pps & index $105
Barrett, Tim, Japanese Papermaking $65Basbanes, Nicolas, A Gentle Madness (signed) $45
Bauer Type. Cat's Meow $20Bauer Type. For Your Guidance $7
Bauer. Specimen Book of Bauer Type (blue cloth) $27
Bauer. The Weiss Family 3 booklets in (handmade?) paper cover with printed label, 1931 $35
Bennett, Paul, Books & Printing chipped dj, 1st ed $13Berliner Type Foundry. Garden of Printer's Flowers $8
Berry, W. Turner & A.F. Johnson, Encyclopedia of Typefaces chipped dj $70
Bieler Press (2nd ed; for Granary Books). 'Rabbits Do Not Know What They Are' $20
Bieler Press (for Granary Books). Williams, Jonathan, Noah Webster... $15Bieler Press (for Milkweed Press). Sprengnether, Madelon, Milkweed $20
Bieler Press (for USC). Coranto (w/prospectus) $13
Bieler Press. 1990 & 1994 catalogue $5
Bieler Press. Becker, Julie, Sex Education, 2nd edition $10
Bieler Press. Buckley, Christopher, Five Small Meditations $25
Bieler Press. Buckley, Christopher, Pentimento $50
Bieler Press. Cadnum, Michael, Morning of the Massacre $30
Bieler Press. Checklist of the First 10 Years $20
Bieler Press. Congdon, Chester, Pacific Panorama 1914 1/50 $29
Bieler Press. Cook, Wm., On the Xylophone $8Bieler Press. 'Don't Shoot...' $7
Bieler Press. Drake, Albert, Road Salt $135Bieler Press. Feyrer, Gayle, Demon Letting $180
Bieler Press. Foss, Philip, Somata with drawings by Gaylord Schanilec $40
Bieler Press. Goldbarth, Albert, Albert's Horoscope Almanac $20
Bieler Press. Graziano, Frank, Follain/Initiation $30Bieler Press. Kooser, Ted, Blizzard Voices $120
Bieler Press. Lange, Gerald, Lochness #29/45, initialed by printer on back, evidence of tape removal from back of sheet $65
Bieler Press. Lange, Gerald, The New World $35
Bieler Press. Mitsui, James, After the Long Train $40
Bieler Press. Romtvedt, David, Moon $90
Bieler Press. Saleh, Dennis, First Z Poems $25
Bieler Press. Tanikawa, Shuntaro, Billy the Kid $40
Bieler Press. Tschichold, Jan, Grace $10Bieler Press. van Winckel, Nance, The 24 Doors (w/prospectus) $30
Bieler Press. Williams, Gerald, Common Ground $85
Bieler Press. Young, Gary, In the Durable World $105
Bieler Press. Zawadiwsky, Christine, The World at Large $100
Bird & Bull Press. 21 Years of Bird & Bull (book only) signed $310
Bird & Bull Press. 30 Years of Bird & Bull $425
Bird & Bull Press. Bachus, Theodore, Private Presses of San Serriffe signed $50
Bird & Bull Press. Bon Mot $25
Bird & Bull Press. Private Pressman's Tale signed $300
Bird & Bull Press. Two Birds with One Stone signed $200
Bird & Bull Press. World's Worst Marbled Papers. A bit worn. $50
Black Cat Press. Klinefelter, Walter, Illustration in Miniature $13
Black Mesa Press. Duncan, Robert, In Blood's Domain #232/300 signed with holographic correction $150
Black Mesa Press. Enslin, Theodore, from Markings... $42
Black Mesa Press. Oppen, Mary, Mother & Daughter & the Sea $35
Black Mesa Press. Tinkcom, Lucy, Roses & Thorns $12
Blackwood Press. A Third Spoonapropnaglisms $13
Blackwood Press. Simpson, Edmund, Another Commonplace Book $20
Blumenthal, Joseph, Art of the Printed Book (paper) $15
Blumenthal, Joseph, Printed Book in America (cloth) $30
Blumenthal, Joseph, Robert Frost & His Printers $40
Blumenthal, Joseph, The Spiral Press Brussells The Hague $20
Blumenthal, Joseph, Typographic Years $20
Book Club of California. Norris, Frank, Collected Letters $65
Bookplate International V1-4 complete, with index to V1-2 $58
Bookslinger Editions with Odegard Books. 3 Twin Cities Literary Publishers. Two broadsides each designed & printed by Bieler Press (Carol Bly & Patricia Hampl), Hermetic Press (Jon Hassler & Patricia Hampl), & Midnight Paper Sales Press (Susan Toth & Deborah Keenan). Edition of 300. $65
Bookways #s 1-11, 15-16 $200
Breaking the Bindings, exhibit catalog from UW. Worn, $15
Brooding Heron Press. Eleven Skagit Poets $8
Brooding Heron Press. Joining Hands $8
Brooding Heron Press. Levertov, Denise, The Token $9Burke, Clifford (Brooding Heron Press) Heron/Light ltd signed cloth edition $50
Burke, Clifford, A Toy $40
Burke, Clifford, Dangerous Flower $20
Burke, Clifford, Lizard Lizard print $50
Burke, Clifford, Printing It paper 2nd ed, signed $5B
urke, Clifford, Printing Poetry (w/prospectus) $90
Burke, Clifford, Printing Poetry worn jacket $80
Burke, Clifford. Crow, Bill, 2 Pages of Trial Proofs $15
Burning Deck Press. Bronk, William, Utterances $15
Capricorn Press. Everson,William, Who is She That Looketh Forth... $165
Carter, Sebastian, Twentieth Century Type Designers 1st edition $22
Castle Press Pattern Papers edition of 50 $150
Catich, Edward, Origin of the Serif w/signed postcard $280
Cave, Roderick, The Private Press (2nd revised) $60
Cave, Roderick, Calypso, An Antillean Arabesque #18/50, signed $85
Chappell, Warren, The Living Alphabet paper $5
Clarke. Bert Clarke, Typographer $18
Copper Canyon Press. Hamill, Sam, Psalm $10
Copper Canyon Press. Hamill, Sam, Uintah Blue $10
Cranium Press (for Sand Dollar Press). Berry, Wendell, An Eastward Look 1/26 (of 376), signed $225
Cranium Press (for Wrong Tree Press). Schmidt, Dorothy, Torso $13
Cranium Press. Abbott, Keith, Putty $30Cranium Press. Abbott, Keith, What You Know... $10
Cranium Press. Burke, Clifford, ed, Hollow Orange 5 $20
Cranium Press. Burke, Clifford, Looking at Fine Printing worn $12
Cranium Press. Finstein, Max, There's Always a Moon In America $8
Cranium Press. Korte, Mary, A Breviary In Time of War $12
Cranium Press. Snyder, Gary, The Fudo Trilogy $25
Crutchley, Brooke, To be a Printer worn $20
Cul-de-Sac Press. Morris, Henry, The Private Presses of San Serriffe, a talk by Henry Morris signed $25
Cummington Press. Bogan, Louise, A Final Antidote $20
Deberny & Peignot Olive Hass Stempel Nebiolo specimen book (red paper) $8
DePol, John, & Elizabeth McClintock, California Flora. The book itself was published by the Book Club of California; this is one of 40 sets privately issued. The book & a separate suite of prints are enclosed in a cloth folder, with printed paper spine label & colophon sheet, made by the Campbell-Logan Bindery. Each of the 13 prints is initialed by Mr DePol. $300
DePol. John DePol: not items for sale but items wanted. Looking for John DePol material to add to our collection, especially early Yellow Barn imprints, Hammer Creek items, & Pickering Press items. Trades possible too, of course!Devil's Artisan magazine, #s 1-24, 26-39 $225
Dolphin #1 cloth $20
Dolphin #4 part 1, paper $10
Dolphin #4 part 3 $10
Dolphin set of 4 reprints (complete) $185
Doomsday Press; Typophiles Monograph 66. The Collectanea Typographica of Henry Lewis Bullen $9
Douglas, LD, 33 LD Baldy Eagles $20
Duensing, Paul Hayden, 2 Dutch Poems $15
Duensing, Paul Hayden, 25 $30
Duensing, Paul Hayden, A Type Specimen Sampler $13D
uensing, Paul Hayden, Deutsche Druckschriften $15
Duensing, Paul Hayden, Fourth Decade (on Timothy Barrett handmade paper) $65
Duensing, Paul Hayden, Ornamenta $20
Duensing, Paul Hayden, The Typocrafters $9
Duensing, Paul Hayden, Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift $13
Duncan, Harry, Doors of Perception (1st paperback) $18
Duncan, Harry, Doors of Perception (limited) $135
Durer, Albrecht, On the Just Shaping of Letters (reprint) $8
Enschede Foundry, Dover catalogue reprint $7
Fairbank, Alfred & Berthold Wolpe, Renaissance Handwriting $85
Fathom Press. Howe, Susan, Cabbage Gardens $15
Fathom Press. Parker, Linda, Sea Birds. Cloth, 1/26 lettered & signed $57; paper $20
Fine Print V1: 2, 3, 4. V2: 1, 2. V3: 3, 4. V4: 1, 2. V5: 4.V6-16: all. A bit worn. $498
Fine Print on Type cloth $15
Five Trees Press (for Sand Dollar Press). Berry, Wendell, Three Memorial Poems 77/100 signed, cloth $85
Fleece Press. Undated catalogue (1987-88?) $7
Fleece Press. Underwood, Leon. His Wood Engravings $275
Fleuron 1-7. Usual foxing, no jackets. #5 is inscribed by Beatrice Warde & #3 by Herbert Foss. William Kittredge bookplate. $1200
Fleuron Anthology paper reprint, worn $18
Franklin, Colin, Ashendene Press $220
Galahad Press. Tarling, Alan, Will Carter $50
Garrett, Albert, History of Wood Engraving $20
Gill, Eric, Art ex-library $8Gill, Eric, Essay on Typography 2nd revised ed, 1936 $13
Gill, Eric, It All Goes Together ex-library, worn $8
Gill. Attwater, Donald, A Cell of Good Living $13
Gill. Eric, Autobiography ex-library, shaken $8
Gill. Kindersley, David, Further Thoughts by an Apprentice $30
Gill. Kindersley, David, Mr. Eric Gill (printed by Ward Ritchie) $55
Gill. MacCarthy, Fiona, Eric Gill cloth $18
Gill. Shewring, Walter, ed, Letters of Eric Gill $18
Gill. Yorke, Malcolm, Eric Gill Man of Flesh & Spirit $18
Goudy, Frederic, Notes on Legibility out of series copy $20
Goudy, Frederic, The Alphabet & Elements of Lettering (Dover reprint) $8
Goudy, Frederic, Typologia (reprint) $8
Goudy, Frederic. Bertha Goudy, A Memorial $75
Goudy. Bruckner, D.J.R, Frederic Goudy $18
Goudy. The Goudy Presence at Konglomerati Press $8
Grabhorn, Edwin, The Fine Art of Printing $15
Gracehoper Press. Commonplace Book (1969) $200
Granary Books. Metcalf, Paul, Firebird (ltd cloth) $90Granary Books. Williams, Jonathan, Aposiopeses (ltd cloth) $185
Granary Books. Williams, Jonathan, Aposiopeses (paper) $40
Gray, Nicolette, 19th Century Decorated Typefaces 1976 $100
Gray, Nicolette, History of Lettering $65
Graywolf Press. Frost, Carol, Salt Lesson sunned $10
Graywolf Press. Logan, William, Dream of Dying worn $10
Green, Ralph, Works of Ralph Green (3-in-1 reprint) worn $13
Greenhouse Review Press & Good Book Press. Moramarco, Fred, Novel $35
Greenhouse Review Press. Buckley, Christopher, Postcard from Italy 1/100 $35
Greenhouse Review Press. Wright, Charles, Omaggio A Montale 1/95 signed, edges bumped but could be easily framed $75
Grey Spider Press. Green, Samuel, Keeping Faith $8
Griffin Press. Klappert, Peter, Circular Stairs, Mirror in Distress. Cloth, quite worn $15
Gruffyground Press. Thomas, Edward, Old Man $20
Hammer. Introduction to Victor & Carolyn Hammer $15
Hammer. Victor Hammer: An Artist's Testament with Rothenstein, John, Artist & Craftsman, with Artist & Printer $300
Hand Papermaking magazine Volumes 1-5 complete $100
Hardy, David, Fragments From My Commonplace Book $8
Harnish, Herb, Handset Printing Types $50
Hart, James, Fine Printing: The San Francisco Tradition $18
Hassal. Chambers, David, Joan Hassal, Engravings $75
Hermetic Press. Gallo, Philip & Dean Linblad, Black Holes $8
Hermetic Press. Gallo, Philip, A Bestiary $13
Hermetic Press. Gallo, Philip, For IHF $10
Hermetic Press. Gallo, Philip, Watre framed $50
Hind, Arthur, History of Woodcuts. 2 volumes, paper, a bit worn, $18
Hoffman, Richard, A Decorative Divertissement $65
Hoffman, Richard, A Gathering of Types $115
Hoffman, Richard, ABCD: Initials & Display Alphabets $100
Hoffman, Richard, Don't Nobody Care About Zeds $90
Hoffman, Richard, Typographia Florilegium $135
Hoffman, Richard, With Line & Flower $45
Hopkins, Rich, The American Point System (2nd ed) $45
Hughes, Sukey, Washi $40
Hunter, Dard, My Life With Paper ex-library, worn $9
Huss, Richard, Printer's Composition Matrix (w/prospectus & note from author) $20
Hutner, Martin, The Making of the Book of Common Prayer 1928 $335
Ikegami, Kojiro, Japanese Bookbinding $20
Ink & Gall magazine V 1 & 2 complete, V 3 #2 $50
International Typographic Design #2 $20
Intertype Faces worn, 507pp $45
Introducing Letterpress Printing UK exhibit catalogue for the True to Type show $13
Janus Press (for Whirling Dervish Press) Luck, Barbara, Ringaround $20
Janus Press 1975-80 $25Janus Press 1981-90 $30
Janus Press. Burke, Clifford, A Landscape with Cows $65
Janus Press. Fine, Ruth, Paperworks $55
Janus Press. Heyen, William, Brockport Sunflowers $50
Janus Press. Kaufman, Margaret, Old Quilts 1/140 $235
Janus Press. Kinnell, Galway, The Geese framed $100
Janus Press. Updike, John, 'When I Write...' $50
Kelly, Rob Roy, American Wood Type paper $25
Kelly-Winterton Press. de la Fontaine, Jean, The Shepherd & the Sea 1988 (first use of Zapf Civilite?) $35
Kelsey Company (catalog). Do Your Own Printing $5
Kindersley, David, Graphic Variations $30
Konglomerati Press. Chatfield, Hale, Water Colors. First book use of Goudy's Companion type. Worn $18
Konglomerati Press. Shumway, Mary, Time & Other Birds $15
Larkspur Press (for Cold Mountain) Berry, Wendell, There Is Singing Around Me 1/26 in boards (of 326) signed $135
Larkspur Press. Berry, Wendell, Horses $35
Larkspur Press. Berry, Wendell, Sabbaths $35
Larkspur Press. Berry, Wendell, The Kentucky River $25
Larkspur Press. Hall, James Baker, Getting It On Up to the Brag 1/56 in boards, of 326 $20
Larkspur Press. Zeitz, Gray, Finger Ridge $30
Lawson, Alexander, Anatomy of a Typeface $40
Lehner, Ernst, Alphabets & Ornaments cloth $23
Leiberman, Ben, Type & Typefaces (paper) $10
Leiberman, Ben, Type & Typefaces (worn paper) $7
Leiberman, Ben, Types of Typefaces (cloth) $15
Leiberman, Elizabeth, Checklist of Private Press Names signed $6
Lence, Karen, History of the Western Books Exhibition $20
Lerner, Abe, A First Exchange, Getting to Know Emerson Wulling $6
Lerner, Abe, Form & Content signed $15
Library of Congress. Rare Books & Special Collections, an illustrated guide. Paper, $13
Lindegren, Erik, ABC of Lettering & Printing Types 1976 cloth ed $32
Lindegren, Erik, ABC of Lettering & Printing Types 1982 cloth ed $32
Linotype Faces cloth, worn, dirty, 2+" thick $50
Linotype specimen book, red cloth, 1215pp $80
Linotype. Heads & Bodies $20
Linotype. Manual of Linotype Typography $65
Linotype. The Readability of Type $9
Lord John Press. Out of the West. Signed by William Everson, Gary Snyder, Jerome Rothenberg, Philip Levine, Clayton Eshleman. $175
Loring, Rosamond, Decorated Book Papers (3rd ed) $25
Ludlow. Italic Calligraphy on the Ludlow $22
Ludwig & Mayer. Types Cast on American Point System $10
McGrew, Mac, American Metal Typefaces. Cloth (1st ed) $65
McGrew, Mac, American Metal Typefaces. Paper (preliminary edition), worn $30
McMurtrie, Douglas, Initial Letters lousy spine $13
McMurtrie, Douglas, The Golden Book $13
Meadow Press. McClellan, Leigh, Artist's Proof $90
Meynell, Francis, My Lives worn dj $20
Middleton. Robert Hunter Middleton, the man & his letters $30
Midnight Paper Sales Press. Logue, Mary, A House in the Country (w/prospectus) $150
Midnight Paper Sales Press. Schanilec, Gaylord, Farmers (w/prospectus) $425
Missouri-Central Type Foundry catalog, 1938, chipped wrapper, worn $6
Monotype Book Pages volume 1 $13Monotype Book Pages volume 3 $13
Monotype Display Faces (30pp booklet) $8
Monotype Flower Decorations (1924). Paper wrapper, $65
Monotype Newsletter #s 74, 77, 78, 80 $4 each
Monotype Pictorial Natprint Exhibition Issue V1, #1, 1975 $8
Monotype Recorder. B. Warde, I Am a Communicator $17
Monotype Recorder. Eric Gill issue $17
Monotype Recorder. Grammar of Ornament $20
Monotype Recorder. Stanley Morison issue $17
Monotype specimen book, maroon cloth, 2 post binder, inside cover foxed, worn $18
Monotype specimen book, rebound $50
Monotype. Garamond 248 & Garamond Bold 548 broadside $30
Monotype. The Monotype, specially printed for the NY Times National Book Fair 1937 worn $8
Moran, James, Printing Presses paper, worn $13
Moran, James, Wynken de Worde... 2nd revised $12
Morgan Press Foundry Type $8
Morison & Updike, Selected Correspondence chipped dj $20
Morison, Stanley, A Tally of Types revised paper $15
Morison. Moran, James, Stanley Morison, his typographic achievement $20
Morison. Nicolas Barker, Stanley Morison $55
Morison. Stanley Morison Displayed $20
Morley, Christopher, Ex Libris inner cover foxed $7
Mouldtype specimen book, blue cloth $15
Nebiolo specimen book cloth, 303pp $25
Nebiolo. Type Faces Borders Signs Rules (green plastic) $10
Newdigate, BH, Book Production Notes $80
North Central Types Volume 1 a bit musty $8
Old Stile Press. Robin Tanner & Old Stile Press $180
Osley, AS, ed, Calligraphy & Paleography $35
Pentagram Press (for Dinkytown Antiquarian Books). Hassler,Jon, An Interview with Jon Hassler, concucted by Michael Powers. One of five presentation copies (so printed) signed by interviewer, interviewee, publisher & printer. With leather spine, $275.
Another copy in paper wrappers, signed by Hassler, $40
Pentagram Press (for Michael Skjei). Skjei, Michael, Designer's One Liners $25
Pentagram Press. Commonplace Book signed/ltd edition $350
Pentagram Press. Commonplace Book trade edition $175
Pentagram Press. Dostale, Merce & Michael Tarachow, An Exploration of the Granjon Arabesque 1/40 ltd/signed cloth, with tip-in $75, paper wraps $25
Pentagram Press. Enslin, Theodore, Madrigal 1/63 signed $80
Pentagram Press. Ephemera collection from the past 8 or 9 years; cards, posters, &c. Mint. Inquire for details $275
Pentagram Press. Gallo, Philip, Flowers $85
Pentagram Press. May 31, 1996 (DePol Anniversary Portfolio) includes anniversary greetings from friends in the US, the UK, & Canada. Approximately half of the 54 contributions are letterpress, the remainder photocopied on archival paper from one-of-a-kind sheets. Contributors include Whittington Press, Stone House Press, Yellow Barn Press, Honeybee Press, The Press of Appletree Alley, Barbarian Press, Cuckoo Hill Press, Don Wesley, et al. Frontispiece by Sandy Connors. About 60 sets made, most of which went as payment to contributors. Mint & scarce $300
Pentagram Press. Moraff, Barbara, Potterwoman $75
Pentagram Press. Set of publications since 1974...: everything that can be found including early offset-printed books, letterpressed chapbooks, ephemera, &c. $2000-3000, depending upon how the collection is tailored.
Pentagram Press. The First Set: selected ephemera 1974-1994. 3 clamshell boxes inside slipcase with leather label. Boxes made by the Campbell-Logan Bindery, 1/20 sets. $650
Penumbra Press. 3 Winter Poems Volume 3 (1986) $20
Penumbra Press. Dubie, Norman, Prayer of the North American Martyrs $140
Penumbra Press. Everwine, Peter, Keeping the Night $90
Penumbra Press. Hillman, Brenda, Coffee 3 a.m. (w/prospectus) $140
Penumbra Press. Jensen, Laura, Anxiety & Ashes $150
Penumbra Press. Lutinger, Abigail, Good Evening & Other Poems $70
Penumbra Press. St John, David, The Man in the Yellow Gloves $65
Perishable Press. Blackburn, Paul, Guillem de Poitou $220
Perishable Press. Hamady, Walter, Since Mary $130
Peter Pauper Press. Song of Hiawatha drawings by Valenti Angelo, a bit worn $10
Peter Pauper. Maxims of the Duc de la Rochefoucauld $7
Plain Wrapper Press. Checklist of books $8
Plomer, Henry, English Printer's Ornaments (reprint) $30
Poltroon Press, Auerhahn Bibliography $20
Poote Press. Lingen, Rez, grad show announcement, signed, hand-colored $25
Poote Press. Lingen, Rez, Poote Press Cookbook $10
Poote Press. Lingen, Rez, The Dream $50
Poote Press. Pinkert, Thomas, The Big Field 1/32 $40
Prairie Press. Broomell, Myron, In the Iron Temple ex-library $10
Prairie Press. Broomell, Myron, The Time by Dialing $15
Prairie Press. North, Jessica, Dinner Party worn, signed $20
Prairie Press. Turnbull, Belle, The Tenmile Range $15
Press of the Nightowl. Father Catich's Visit with Bill Dwiggins $18
Press of the Nightowl. Fine Printing in Georgia $35
Press of the Nightowl. Lawson, Alexander, The Compositor... ltd/signed edition (w/prospectus) $150
Printers' Chappel of Santa Cruz foreword by W Everson $15
Private Library Association. 3rd Series V1: 2; V4:3; V6:4; V7:1; V8:1, 3; V8: 1, 3 $4 each
Private Press Books 1973-1979, $13 eachPrivate Press Books 1980-86, 1988-91 $9 each
Private Presses with Proprietary Type $6
Rampant Lions Press. Beckett, Samuel, As the Story Was Told $95
Rampant Lions Press. Carter, Sebastian, The Book Becomes $60
Rampant Lions Press. Carter, Will, Carter's Caps $20
Rampant Lions Press. Portfolio 3 $70
Rampant Lions Press. Portfolios 1-3 #3 signed by both Carters on title sheet $210
Rampant Lions Press. The Rampant Lions Press, a printing workshop through five decades $20
Rand, Paul. Artograph #6, Paul Rand issue $10
Red Ozier Press. Zawadiwsky, Christine, The Aging Ballerina in mailing envelope addressed by poet, worn $50
Rehak, Theo, Practical Typecasting $35
Reynold, Lloyd, Decline of Materialism $8
Riscatype catalog, blue cloth $10
Ritchie, Ward, & James Hart, Influences on California Printing $18
Ritchie, Ward, & Richard Archer, Modern Fine Printing $15
Ritchie, Ward, Fine Printing: The Los Angeles Tradition $18Ritchie, Ward, Of Bookmen & Printers $40
Ritchie, Ward, The Ward Ritchie Press & Anderson, Ritchie & Simon 1/300, signed $45
Ritchie, Ward, Typographic Bookplates signed $40
Ritchie, Ward, Years Touched with Memories $35
Ritchie. Davies, David W. & Ward Ritchie, Ward Ritchie, His Printing & Books $18
Rocket Press (for Merivale Press). Taylor, John, Robin Tanner, An Appreciation $18
Rocket Press (for Paulinus Press). Perry-Gore, Noel, Coherence $18
Rocket Press catalog 1987-88 $8
Rocket Press. Davey, the Rev Richard, Mark Cazalet bumped $18
Rocket Press. Davies, Gwenllian, ed, Extracts From the Bermuda Gazette $18
Rocket Press. Harriott, John, Farewell to True Bookshops $10
Rocket Press. James, Merlin, & David Stephenson, Ray Howard Jones $18
Rocket Press. Smith, John, Bookish Quotations $9
Rocket Press. Stephenson, the Rev Dr Alan, The Victorian Archbishops of Canterbury cloth $25
Rogers, Bruce, Centaur Types $55
Rogers, Bruce, Paragraphs on Printing (reprint) $8
Rogers, Bruce, Pi chipped dj $12
Rogers. Blumenthal, Joseph, Bruce Rogers, A Life in Letters $75
Seaby, Allen, Pattern Without Pain (1948) cloth $13
Stamperia Valdonega (for Elizabeth Press). Bronk, Willam, To Praise the Music $25
Stamperia Valdonega (for Elizabeth Press). Bronk, William, Finding Losses $25
Stamperia Valdonega (for Elizabeth Press). Levy, John, Suppose a Man $15
Stamperia Valdonega (for Elizabeth Press). Taggart, John, Prism & Pine Twig $20
Stamperia Valdonega (for Elizabeth Press). Taggart, John, To Construct a Clock $15
Steinberg, S.H., 500 Years of Printing History paper, 1961, 2nd revised ed $6, 1955 paper $6
Stempel Hass (red paper) $10
Stempel Type Foundry. Types on Anglo American System $10
Stephenson Blake catalog, yellow paper $10
Stone. Reynolds Stone 1909-1979 $15
Strathmore Paper Company, Munsell Covers. Dwiggins, 4 other artists. Spine gone $13
Tom Taylor. 1988 catalog of books published $5
Tom Taylor. Middleton, Christopher, Razzmatazz numbered but unsigned review copy, worn $25
Tom Taylor. Printer's Choice (w/prospectus) $400
Tracy, Walter, Letters of Credit $23
Tschichold, Jan, Form of the Book (reprint) $18
Tschichold, Jan, Treasury of Alphabets & Lettering (1985) $20
Turner, Silvie, & Birgit Skiold, Handmade Paper Today $50
Type & Press #s21-96, & 18 earlier issues in photocopy $75
Type from the FN Phillips Collection (w/prospectus) $18
Typography & the Private Press (NW University exhibit) $7
Typophiles Keepsake. Lawson, Alexander, An Older Typographer in the Nineties $10
Typophiles Monograph 87. Philip, IG, William Blackstone & the OUP $7
Typophiles Monograph 89. Carter, Harry, The Fell Types $7
Typophiles Monograph 89. Oakley, Helen, An Alphabet of Xmas Words (yes there are two #89's) $7
Typophiles. Art of the Type Specimen in the 20th Century (w/invitation to opening) $10
Typophiles. Bowker Lectures on Book Publishing 3rd Series $25
Typophiles. BR, Marks & Remarks $55
Typophiles. Bruce, David, History of Typefounding in the U.S. $25
Typophiles. Chap Book Commentary 27 $10
Typophiles. Craig, Gordon, Fond of Printing $45
Typophiles. Dreyfus, John, William Caxton and His Quintcentenary $30
Typophiles. Glick, William, William Edwin Rudge $25
Typophiles. Goudy's Type Designs (Myriade 2-in-1 cloth reprint) worn $15
Typophiles. Harlan, Robert, Chapter Nine $25
Typophiles. Harter, Evelyn, Printers as Men of the World $30
Typophiles. Heritage of the Graphic Arts Lecture Series, a complete listing $12
Typophiles. Ing, Janet, Johan Gutenberg and His Bible $35
Typophiles. Koch, Rudolf, Little ABC Book of Rudolf Koch $50
Typophiles. Miller, Liam, The Dun Emer Press $25
Typophiles. New Series Monographs #s1-8, 13 $105
Typophiles. Nordlunde, C Volmer, Letter from a Danish Typopgrapher $35
Typophiles. On Conjugal Felicity $60
Typophiles. Rathe, John, Bibliography of the Typophile Chap Books inscribed by Abe Lerner $25
Typophiles. Rollins, Carl Purington, Off the Dead Bank $30
Typophiles. Rollins, Carl Purington, Theodore Lowe DeVinne $100
Typophiles. Schmoller, Hans, Two Titans $20
Typophiles. The Fine Art of Reviling $45
Typophiles. Thompson, Susan Otis, Caxton, An American Contribution $20
Typophiles. Warde, Beatrice, Bombed But Unbeaten $65
Typophiles. Warde, Beatrice, Hands On or Hands Off? $10
Typophiles. Will Bradley, His Chapbook $80
Vagabond Press. Leslie, Frank, The 46th Gutenberg $30
van der Wal, Theo, translated by Eugene Richardson, The Smell of Lead $10van Krimpen, Jan, Letter to Philip Hofer $55
Vanishing Press. Rory, E. Scumas, Breakfast with Brian $8
Volk, Curt, ABC Gem Box $65Ward, Lynd, Mad Man's Drum $145
Warde, Beatrice. Concerning Some Words by BW & Types by Varied Hands scuffed, worn, signed $18
Wayside Press. The Montallegro Typeface 2nd printing $6
Whittington Press. 1983-84 catalogue $12
Whittington Press. 1985 catalogue $12
Whittington Press. 1986-87 catalog $12
Whittington Press. 1988-8-90 catalogue $11
Whittington Press. 1991 catalogue $9
Whittington Press. 1993-94 catalogue $9
Whittington Press. 1994-5 catalogue $9
Whittington Press. Eric Gill/Caslon type broadside, framed $98
Whittington Press. Matrix 1 reprint $120
Whittington Press. Matrix 1-11, 13-16 $4375
Whittington Press. Matrix 2 reprint $210
Whittington Press. Matrix 7 $255
Whittington Press. Miscellany of Type $235
Whittington Press. Monotype Equipment at Whittington Press $20
Whittington Press. New Specimen Book of Curwen Pattern Papers $295
Whittington Press. News of Books from Whittington 1994 $4
Whittington Press. News of Books from Whittington 1997 $4
Whittington Press. Phipps, Howard, Interiors $210
Whittington Press. Printing at the Whittington Press 1972-94 (Grolier Club exhibit catalogue) $17
Whittington Press. Warde, Beatrice, This is a Printing Office framed, 1/300 $95
Whittington Press. Weisenborn, Hellmuth, Engravings $300
Wilson, Adrian, in Stanford Libraries Association The Imprint writing about Will Carter $5
Wilson, Adrian, The Design of Books worn, paper $8
Wilson, Adrian, The Work & Play of Adrian Wilson $475
Wilson, Adrian, Two Against the Tide $18
Wilson, Robert, Modern Book Collecting (signed) $12
Windhover Press. Laughlin, James, Deconstructed Man (w/prospectus) $90
Winterich, John, Primer of Book Collecting worn, cloth $10
Wolpe. Berthold Wolpe, Retrospective Survey $15
Workshop Press. Arman, Mark, Diary of Engravings $130
Workshop Press. Arman, Mark, Pages of Type (w/prospectus) $100
Workshop Press. Arman, Mark, Printing from Metal $65
Workshop Press. Arman, Mark, Specimens of Printers Flowers, Type & Decorations (w/prospectus) $107
Wyse, Henry, Modern Type Display (1911) $85
Zapf, H. Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy $160
Zapf, Hermann ABC-XYZapf $145
Zapf, Hermann, & John Dreyfus, Classical Typography... $11
Zapf, Hermann, About Alphabets MIT paper reprint, worn $10
Zapf, Hermann, Manuale Typographicum 1964 edition $200
Zapf, Hermann, Manuale Typographicum MIT paperback reprint, landscape format, worn $20
Zapf, Hermann, Poetry Through Typography $400
Zapf, Hermann, Typographic Variations paper, worn $14
Zapf. Champion Papers Zapf issue, worn $10
Zempel, Edward & Linda Verkler, First Editions, Guide to Identification $18

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