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thanks, Arboghast.

Muito recentemente um pequeno post no Typohile nos chamou a atenção. Dizia o seguinte:

"Art fonts by Iza W & Paulo W - Iza W & Paulo W have made some of the more interesting art fonts around. Posing as Intellecta Design, the Brazillian pair claim to be the creators and owners of the largest typeface library in Latin America. Check out their Top 17, or browse the collection of 117. Gorgeous, amazing stuff. Everything is very reasonably priced. Their Gans series is currently 50 percent off!". “Intellecta Design is a Brazilian typefoundry interested in typographical research and revivals of all forms of ancient typefaces and handwriting styles. It searches historical churches, museums and similar institutions to develop handwriting and other fonts from old documents. This kind of research is not common in Brazil. In addition, its design team also works to create new and modern typefaces for all applications.” Samples & bio text courtesy of Myfonts. Mr.Google tells me typophile has no references to Iza W.
Ficamos honrados em receber elogios, principalmente de gente talentosa como James, owner da Sentinel Type. Eis sua ficha:

James Arboghast of Melbourne (born on, in 1963), Australia.
Is a freelance advertising creative specializing in visual identity. “Combining a permanent interest in monumental sculpture with written forms and semantics, I am a philosophical artist who finds typography an ideal medium for the expression of abstract ideas. The fact of the matter is, type design is an art not a science, and is not subject to any tangible law. Setting out to do what ultimately cannot be perfected leads to creative work. It is its content and what a typeface says about the world that makes it dynamic. Mediating in some way between a sense of history and an experience of the world, what I absorb when making a font closes the gap between me and everything that is not me, and in this way passes from feeling to meaning.” James Arboghast spent part of his childhood in England. He has worked as a photographer, art director, graphic designer, audio engineer, publicist, copy writer and creative consultant. Preferred motto: “Imagination is the supreme master of all art.” — Allistair Crowley
Sentinel Type Biography
Sentinel Type is the typographic arm of advertising creative James Arboghast. Dedicated to producing distinctive and original typefaces for commercial sale, Sentinel Type also provides powerfully effective typographic logos, custom fonts and type solutions for all varieties of business. All Sentinel Type faces are designed to have lasting artistic value, and crafted to the highest level of technical quality.
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