quarta-feira, maio 26

Spencerian Palmer Penmanship at YWFT

Designed by Intellecta Design, Spencerian Palmer Penmanship PRO has your concept come from the Palmer's Penmanship guides and manual from XIX century. This enhanced OpenType version has complete set in Latin alphabet with Central European, Vietnamese, Baltic and Turkish complete resources with all diacritic signs and punctuation marks plus extra characters belonging this ranges. Spencerian Palmer Penmanship PRO presents you with extra sets of stylistic alternates, swashes, ornaments, tails (to artistic increase any letter of this font) and plus over of 120 contextual alternates solutions - ligatures providing a lot of letterform variations that make this type family looks like a real handwriting on a page or the exact fancy text you wish. Over 500 glyphs which you have total access using software such as InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXpress and others. See the entire font at YWFT.

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