quinta-feira, abril 5

Jan Tschichold, video sobre "New Typography"

Aqui segue um video sobre Jan Tschichold, um dos mestres da tipografia, segundo o site Unos TiposDuros

Great video. Jan Tschichold's book, animated here, allowed printers, publishers, and advertisers to understand modernist typography. Tschichold was later arrested by the Nazis for "Un-German" typography. He's a hero to designers, artist, and all who believe in the freedom of ideas.

Tschichold foi aluno de Hermann Delitsch, que, segundo Luc Devroye:

"(was a) Typography professor in Leipzig, who lived from 1869-1937. He was the teacher of Jan Tschichold in 1919. Faces based on his work were created by Manfred Klein (Delitsch Initialen, 2004) and Petra Heidorn (Delitsch Antiqua, 2004). Both can be found here. The originals are Ramses (1912, Klinkhardt, an Antiqua face), Delitsch Antiqua (1911, Klinkhardt), and Delitsch-Kanzlei (1903, Klinkhardt). He is credited with Antiguo Manuscrito, a semiscript family, at the Richard Gans Foundry. The latter was digitized by Paulo W (Intellecta Design) as Gans Antigua Manuscrito (2006)."

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