quinta-feira, setembro 20

Fonte Gratis & Fonte Barata (8)

FONTE BARATA. Littler Serifada, da Intellecta.

FONTE GRÁTICS. Ganymede3D, da Sentinel Type, nas palavras deles: Ganymede is a geometric linear font combining industrial and architectural themes. Chiselled forms and a crisp finish parallel automotive styling and industrial design from the turn of the 21st century, while the straight sides resemble road signage fonts like DIN 1451, and to a lesser degree hand-lettered shop signs in the grotesk style. Ganymede’s clean, discreet forms recall modernist minimalism of the 1920s and 30s sparked by the Bauhaus; in particular the curves supplanting diagonal strokes in the X, Y and V echo Ed Benguiat's emblematic 1970s font — Bauhaus, itself a descendant of Bayer Universal. Ganymede’s structured and monumental capitals suits them to architectural and signage use. The matching small caps fonts were crafted specifically with architectural and titling use in mind. Their neutral geometry also allows them to occupy a more remote typographic terrain — of futuristic and scientific subject matter. Ganymede 3D is a block shadow variant designed for billboards and signage, free for personal and non-profit use. ‘Ganymede’ is a figure from Greek mythology — a mortal youth of great beauty abducted by the gods.

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