sexta-feira, setembro 21

Fonte Gratis & Fonte Barata (9)

FONTE BARATA. LikeGutembergCaps, da Intellecta. Atualmente em imperdivel promoção, por apenas US$ 6,87

FONTE GRÁTIS. Zekton, da Typodermic. Nas palavras deles: Zekton was inspired by the futuristic fonts seen on electronic gadgetry. Zekton imparts a serious, high-tech look by its rounded curves and even line widths. Open loops against vertical stems have an almost organic feel. Just try writing the word “Sexy” and see if it doesn't look, well, sexy. Perfectly suited to labels and headlines, Zekton also has good readability for ad copy, even at large sizes. By combining different styles and weights, Zekton will add punch to any poster or graphic where you need a futuristic but friendly approach. The Zekton family includes upper and lower case alphabets, numerals, accents and punctuation in 24 styles available in 3 widths; condensed, regular and extended and 4 weights; light, regular, bold and heavy and, of course, italic.

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