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Giornale Nuovo, Mr H and a great partnership begins...

para quem não conhece existe um site na Internet fabuloso no que diz respeito ao resgate e publicidade de antigos autores, artistas e livros, mantido pelo Mr Stuart (Mr H), um bibliófilo e colecionador de marca maior, que tem, entre muitas de suas predileções, um verdadeiro amor aos alfabetos exóticos. seu site, o Giornale Nuovo traz, aos amantes - mesmo a quem não conhece - da cultura, pérolas do mais fino brilho, e não estou exagerando.

nas palavras do próprio Mr Stuart, voce entenderá como tudo começou:

"I am a 37-year-old man who decided, four Octobers ago, to keep a public weblog, journal and scrapbook. I live with my beautiful wife, our boisterous dog and our two fluffy cats in an apartment in an hotel in a town on the Baltic coast of southern Sweden. I was born in Wales and have spent most of my life in the UK, but have also lived in Italy, and, briefly, in Atlantic Canada. I work as an IT consultant for a telecoms company.

Self-portrait with cigar & TV, Oct. '06.
* * *

About the Giornale

My Giornale Nuovo began some time before I’d heard of weblogs or on-line journals, as a heading I dreamt up for a tentative collection of notes which I’d begun typing into a Word document on my office PC. In fact, at that time I had no web-access from my work-station at all. The first of these notes, dated August 31st ’99, begins thus:

Granted that I’ve rarely a moment to hand at home in which to scribble a daily thought, why not here at work, I’m thinking, in those quiet moments between times that need filling somehow. More correctly, it’s not the lack of time which has kept me from keeping a ‘giornale’, but rather a shortage of solitude. It seems I write comfortably only when alone…

Giornale is Italian for journal, (also newspaper) and nuovo just means new, by which I mean new when compared to the notebook diaries I’d previously kept. My use of Italian here is not altogether pretentious, as I had spent a couple of years living and working in Rome, during which time I had picked up a smattering of the language.

My few diary-style entries were interspersed with ideas for stories, essays, etc., and never amounted to more than a few pages in total. Even so, I made sure they were stashed away safely when we made our move from the UK to Sweden at the end of August ’00. A few months after our arrival here, my curiosity was pricked by an entry about on-line diaries in the memepool web-log (the first such I had discovered), which led me to find the Open Diary site. I began my Giornale in earnest there on January 5th ’01. By October of that same year I’d surprised myself by accumulating almost 82,000 words. Another 57,000 followed in a second instalment that kicked off at the end of January ’02.

This, the first public volume of my Giornale, began as a continuation of my ‘Open Diary’, but has gradually changed over the past couple of years such that it has become much more like a kind of scrapbook and less like a day-by-day diary than before. It is an accumulation of inconsequential notices in the shape of a web-log. Inevitably, perhaps, I find the new entries are coming less and less frequently, but I’m still enjoying myself here, and hope to keep it going for another year or two yet.

agora, a grande novidade para a Intellecta: Mr Stuart acaba de enviar-nos dois de seus rarissimos exemplares com alfabetos exóticos e antigos para a criação de mais uma série de novas fontes históricas e revivals.mais detalhes em novos posts. com a palavra final, Mr H:

"Hi Paulo,

Many thanks for your kind words about my site. and thank you too for the links to your work: I am very impressed with your fonts!

I wonder if it might be easier for me to mail the de Bry book to you: then you could scan and examine the alphabets in it at leisure. I would be happy to lend the book to you for as long as you need: just send me your address.

Thanks again, & Regards,
Stuart (Mr. H)"

dentre os alfabetos que estamos recebendo está o de Theodor de Bry (figura abaixo):

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